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Global challenges require global actions to achieve Sustainable Goals while supporting a circular economy. Biomass is a renewable versatile resource that can be used to produce heat, power, transport fuels and products, however, it should be sustainable. In an effort to achieve the UK’s net zero target the UK government published the Biomass Strategy in 2023, aiming to strengthen biomass sustainability and opportunities for using sustainable biomass in various sectors of the economy.

Biomass can be a resource, a biocatalyst or both, and knowing its nature or chemical composition is important for decision making. A key step on biomass transformation, or for use as a biocatalyst, is to rigorously know its chemical composition at an elemental level. Sustainable biomasses need to work symbiotically with their manufacturing processes. The project BioRenewables Inspired Development Geared by Elements (BRIDGE) supports these approaches. Elemental analysis can be done via Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled to Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (SEM-EDX).BRIDGE’s Internship is an enabler of elemental characterisation of biomass via SEM-EDX for researching sustainable biomasses and sustainable manufacturing systems.

Duties and responsibilities

The research intern will work to deliver the Project Milestones. This includes, but is not limited to, sample screening, preparation and analysis by SEM-EDX microscopy and elemental analysis; writing reports; attending meetings; preparing and presenting a poster, project reviews and outcomes. The intern will be directly involved with the day-to-day running of the project; data analysis and interpretation; delivering research tasks; contribute to discussions about the project with project partners.

Skills and experience

Please note that applicants must be current CCCU students on taught undergraduate or postgraduate courses (not PhDs).


Experience working in laboratories, e.g. chemistry, biology, engineering or related disciplines

Confident with qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of samples 

Strong literature review skills

Confident with Microsoft Packages (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Strong technical report writing skills

Effective data analysis and presentation skills

Pay attention to detail

Undertake work independently and as part of a team

High level of organizational skills

Strong complex problem-solving skills


Additional information

Proposed interview date: Between 26 January to 7 February 2024. Confirmation to be sent to short listed candidate(s).

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