About Ernesto Hernandez

Life scientist and chemical engineer working at The University of Manchester. He started out his career as a distinguished technician working in the field of electromechanics. In his spare time, he indulged his passion for studying biology. This long-standing endeavour led him to win the first place in The National Olympiad of Biology in 1993. Coming from a poor family in deprived rural Mexico, studying Chemical Engineering proved to be an ideal way to make a living and find ways to use living systems in the search to solve a number of problems currently confronting society. It was during his undergraduate studies that he won two national contests for summer internships at Ohio State University and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Ernesto has been using microbes and their products in a variety of ways. They can, for instance, be used to convert a variety of wastes into natural gas (methane), to decontaminate water, soil and sludge, or to ease the flow of oil in deep underground oil reservoirs at tremendously high temperatures and pressures. Given his understanding of life systems and how they can be used for the good of the humankind, Ernesto has been invited to speak in plenary talks at international conferences, civil gatherings, state ceremonies, activist groups and other public events.

New process for commercial chemicals from biomass


Taking an environmentally friendly idea from the lab and making it available to the public is not a straightforward matter.  But hopes open, as shown by this novel process for adding value to algae residue by producing more microbial oil in additional steps.

Mexico mantiene hegemonía ¿En que?


El sigo XXI ha traído avances que, contrarios a las percepciones, cada día disfrutan mas humanos en el planeta. Algunos países en vías de desarrollo han aprovechado esta oportunidad.

Mexico es uno de los 10 países con mas usuarios de internet en el mundo y mantiene el liderazgo entre países de habla hispana. Su mas cercano seguidor es España en la posición 19 – 20.

Muchos futbolistas si estudian


Contrario a lo que se piensa, son muchos los futbolistas de clubes famosos que cuentan con grados universitarios. También hay otros futbolistas que se encuentran estudiando. Ellos son: Continue reading

Brasil: nuevo centro de investigación en grafeno 


Esto refuerza la investigación en grafeno que se ya se realizaba en Brasil. Continue reading

Huracán! No pierdas tiempo, información creada en vivo, respuestas a nuestros usuarios


No pierdas más tiempo, aquí te entregamos información creada en vivo con nuestras búsquedas y respuestas a usuarios

Huracán Newton: Que hacer

Que es un huracán

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