Entrepreneurship: Students’ character dominates but uni helps

Researchers have found that teaming up student´s personality and university support favors students intentions to become entrepreneurs in an emerging economy.

The raising  number of calls to become an entrepreneur sounds like welcoming messages to wonderlands. In most of the cases the message is aimed at the youth. And, like in any group of youths,  it would sound easy to push university students to choose an entrepreneurial career, but do they have what it takes?

Is it the student’s proactive personality or the university support environment that affects their entrepreneurial intentions?

Thanks to an empirical model, the researchers found that the character of an individual is still at the heart of shaping entrepreneurial intentions. Students´ proactive personality and development support have significant impact on their entrepreneurial intentions – but between these two features, the proactive personality of a student has a greater effect.

But the researcher´s findings are not passive news to keep us doing business as usual.

The researchers provide new insights into how universities in emerging economies can foster the entrepreneurial intentions of their students.

Their whole research work is published in the Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, 8,2, 162-179